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some of lois' School visits in 2019

Cheselbourne Village School Dorchester


The first school visit with Great-Grandma and the Camper Van in 2019 took Lois to the heart of the Dorset English countryside near Dorchester.

"Many thanks for your visit Lois. The children enjoyed meeting you and Great- Grandma. Thank you for your very kind comments about our children here" writes the Head Teacher

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School Weymouth


A two day visit to Weymouth covered by the Dorset Echo saw Lois present to no less than twenty two classes ranging from ages 3 to 11! There were inspiring questions across the breadth of this age range, with the children clearly enjoying the interaction from the array of props which support Great-Grandma's and Mincemeat's imaginary world.

At the end of the school day a large queue formed to meet Lois and buy signed copies of her book!

Conifers Primary School Weymouth


Doll made by Halo Toys USA (

Another Weymouth visit, this time to Conifers Primary School. The children clearly loved meeting a real author and listening to the first chapter of Great- Grandma and the Camper Van, wanting to know if Lois always wears  a real tea cosy on her head!

A great Q & A session followed when Lois wore her 'thinking hat' which the children thought very funny!

Cerne Abbas C of E VC First School Dorchester


'She wore a bright red tea cosy upon her head!' ...

Having fun as Lois drinks a cup of tea waiting for all the children to settle down to hear some of the story!

"I wonder where Great-Grandma has got to? She should have been here by now!"

Lois telephones Great-Grandma's cottage in the village of Howdoyoudo. Mincemeat answers, breathless from running up the garden path on hearing the telephone. He explains that Great- Grandma has unexpectedly been called away to look after Aunt Petunia who has fallen ill ....

In the Q & A session, there were some impressive questions from several aspiring authors!

Archbishop Wake C of E Primary School Blandford Forum


A full day was thoroughly enjoyed by children from 14 classes ranging from Reception (age 4-5) to Year 6 pupils (ages 10-11). The Q & A session for Reception produced a beguiling answer when asked what Lois needs to be a good author. "A full stop" came the reply!

Year 6 pupils particularly appreciated the workshop style, with an interactive topic on characterisation supported by poster sized illustrations, effecting great  discussion!

" ... Thank you for doing such a fantastic job that will have inspired many of our children here. It was especially great that the overall theme is based around one of our school values (kindness) .."

Broadmayne First School Dorchester


After learning what a tea cosy really is for and that Lois doesn't normally wear it on her head (!) the children loved her 'thinking hat' ready for the Q & A session when many hands shot up!

Lois' ethos of kindness fits perfectly with the values of Broadmayne First School. The props evoked great interest with all the children eager to look at them, prompting many questions!