Children's Author


Kind is Cool!

My Mission

I write children's books for a time when the world needs more kindness. My mission is to do whatever I can to explain why kindness is cool and bullying is so not cool.

My Message

We seem to live in a world where many children often feel subject to peer pressure, surrounded by the lure of materialism and with easy access to the online games that frequently contain violence. Quite often the message of being kind to one another is lost.

Just a Smile

Kindness and consideration, and helping others not only benefits the recipient, but can do a huge amount for the giver. With the resulting encouragement that a child can receive, and ultimately the pride that child will feel, it can undoubtedly boost their self-esteem.

Giving can come in the smallest of ways that we as parents, teachers, and grandparents can convey to our children. Just a smile can brighten someone's day, asking how someone is feeling, giving a hug, or simply putting a penny in a charity box.

My hope is that whilst bringing kindness to the world, children will love my stories as much as I love writing them.

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Lois Davis.